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Database migration readiness assessment report in hours, not weeks

AcuityPath, a specialized tool built and developed at Zen3, is designed to help you assess the migration of your current in-premise database to the Azure cloud. 

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Product Overview

At Zen3, we build tools to support business and operations leaders who are looking for large-scale migrations to cloud-native data solutions. We have experience in delivering simpler, safer, and faster migrations with minimal changes on the workload level through the use of our AcuityPath tool. We guide and assist our clients to ensure a smooth, risk-free and scalable migration at every stage to enhance decision-making, improve process agility, and reduce operational expenses. All of which is enabled by AcuityPath.

Consulting Services

Zen3 provide DBA consulting engagements of any length or depth for most database technologies. We advise you to make the best choices at any stage of your database operations and create a more effective and reliable database environment which leads to a more efficient enterprise technology setup. Whether you need a DBA architect, database designer/developer or if you have a database-related need and are unsure of the duration, we can help you with expertise and scale.

Whether you need a DBA architect, database designer/developer or if you have a database-related need and are unsure of the duration, we can help you with expertise and scale.

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Consulting Services

Assessment Services

Zen3 assists enterprises planning major database migrations to cloud-native data solutions. We ensure a seamless migration process by assessing the existing environment and providing detailed cost and architecture comparisons between potential solutions.

We analyze your DBs and help you choose the right DB technology to migrate to, the right hosting environment (PaaS Vs. IaaS), comprehensive cost analysis for running your DB on the cloud and a risk-mitigation and migration process plan.

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Database Support Services

Migration Services

Zen3’s AcuityPath’s database migration analysis tool takes advantage of the process driven and custom cloud project management templates to help migrate your database to a different DB technology on Azure.

Our migration services are designed to deliver performance at scale–fully managed by Zen3, cost-effective, secure–to provide you flexibility and options to fit with your long-term plans.

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Migration Services

Enterprise Managed Services

Whether it is ensuring that your database is up and running to meet your SLAs or working as partners with your application teams to ensure the optimal performance or acting as a full-fledged database arm of your organization, Zen3 has the service delivery framework, the experts and the experience to help deliver managed services.

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Enterprise Managed Services
  • Streamlined Asset Discovery

    Discover all databases within your datacenter in minutes and start analyzing them immediately. This includes analysis of versioning, interdependency, licensing and performance parameters.

  • Detailed TCO Insight

    Understand the effort and costs of rehosting, refactoring, or re-architecting on-premise databases in the cloud. Learn about your cloud costs for hosting your DB on VMs or using IaaS.

  • Comprehensive Migration Analytics

    Realize the full benefits of moving your database to the cloud. Build a big-picture view of the migration effort, technological compatibility, feature parity, and a detailed comparison between multiple cloud technologies and hosting environments.

  • Data Security and Safety

    Protect your legacy data throughout the migration journey. We minimize your risk exposure by making sure that you stay compliant with all regulations and internal as well as external policies pertaining to data.

AcuityPath Assessment Tool

Using AcuityPath database migration assessment tool, you can analyze your DBs, understand your precise migration requirements betters, and be equipped with actionable insights into which DB technology you should decide to migrate to.

The tool also helps you choose the right hosting environment, run a complete cost analysis to understand financial feasibility, and prepare a migration process plan with minimal risk. AcuityPath assessment tool is designed to facilitate decision-making and give your business the much-needed agility in a cost-effective manner.

Database Migration Services Process


Get a complete inventory of your current data landscape using smart discovery assistance included in Zen3’s data migration services.

Trying to understand the full range of interdependencies, licensing issues, and performance needs of a complex set of enterprise-scale DBs can be a sprawling, costly business problem if not attempted properly. Zen3 provides automated discovery scripts to let you uncover all databases and do a deep-dive analysis of the state of your databases.



Zen3, through the AcuityPath tool, not only provides a fast and accurate inventory of your existing on-premise infrastructure but also delivers valuable insights into how that infrastructure could be migrated to the cloud for superior performance, cost control, and operational agility. The analysis report also provides performance requirements, interdependencies between databases and integrations with applications, offering a detailed big-picture view of your requirements.

Database Support Services

TCO & Planning

Zen3’s analysis includes a detailed costing of alternative strategies and architectures, allowing you to fully rationalize your investment in cloud-native database capabilities. Using live information on cloud costs from Azure as well as our own cost analysis, your short-term one-time migration costs and long-term database hosting costs will be clear and your migration planning cost management straight-forward.

TCO & Planning

Process Recommendation

Based on our assessment and thorough analysis of your DBs and available options for migration strategy and solution, we recommend you the best DB strategy to serve your specific business purpose. Zen3 will assist and guide you at every step of your migration journey to ensure that the implementation is not only successful but also cost-effective and scalable.

Process Recomendation


Lighting the way to the cloud

Lighting the way to the cloud

Download our data sheet to learn more about how AcuityPath facilitates a streamlined and risk-managed migration based on data-driven strategic insights.


Database Lifecycle Management

Lighting the way to the cloud

Download our data sheet to learn more about how AcuityPath facilitates a streamlined and risk-managed migration based on data-driven strategic insights.

Database Support Services

Lighting the way to the cloud

We ensure that your database continues to work with the same functionality and performance. Our portfolio includes full-length support to your database such as assessment, installation, administration, monitoring, patching, backup etc.

Our expertise in the domain and our large team of experienced database professionals allow us to offer a seamless support and ensure your have the assistance available as and when you need it–in both onshore and offshore support models.

Our DBA team works closely with your DBAs and network teams to understand your database needs precisely and help plan running and maintenance plan with the desired efficiency and scalability. The team stays on top of the latest trends in the database space and thus can provide innovative solutions to run your database optimally.

Database Projects

Cloud Recommendation

Our deep experience in database migration and upgrade projects enables us to provide you with comprehensive database support tailored to your specific business needs. We follow industry best practices and all compliance guidelines so that you get an enhance database performance at a minimal cost with low risk exposure.

We ensure the availability of your database to help you carry out your core operations without worrying about database interruptions during unexpected downtimes. To minimize the possibility of data in any such event, we can help you set up disaster recovery databases.

Database Healt Assessment

TCO & Planning

We proactively run health check-ups on your database to detect serious concerns at an early stage. We run a complete assessment of the health of your database environments and ascertain its availability, capacity, performance and stability.

Whether it is a short-term assessment or a long-term project, our experts provide you with a detailed analysis of your database environment and recommend the most appropriate corrective measures to run your database efficiently with predictive performance.

Our assessment includes:

  • Configuration of server and setting up a backup strategy
  • Checking recent incidents and server logs
  • Identifying performance issues
  • Running security updates
  • Setting up a remediation plan

Case Study

Elevator Company Uses Azure to Elevate Its Own Operations

AcuityPath was engaged by a large elevator company that maintains operations across 80 cities in India, including 26 engineering and support centers assisting in sales and installation of myriad elevator models.

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AcuityPath Helps a Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company Use Azure to Build an Agile, Data-Driven Enterprise

PACCAR Inc is a Fortune 500 company based out of the United States—and one of the largest manufacturers of medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles in the world.

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AcuityPath Helps Leading Travel Firm on the Journey to More Impactful Data Infrastructure

This travel solutions company operates as a customer-facing travel operator, with customer support spread across three European countries from a UK headquarters.

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