Service Overview

Zen3 helps you create a flexible, practical, and scalable database environment through a complete range of database administration services. We specialize in leading DBMS such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL, and enterprise software products like SAP and Oracle EBS.

Our certified DBAs hold competencies for all the most widely used databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, DB2 and Cloud DBs (e.g. Mongo DB, Maria DB etc.).

And we’re available 24x7x365 to assist you.

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Zen3 Database Services

Database Lifecycle Management

Our end-to-end assistance helps you stay on track throughout the lifecycle of your database. We work as an extended arm of your business and provide an agile, scalable and cost-effective support for your all database-related requirements.

We work with you to understand your business needs, recommend appropriate database strategy and assign the right DBA for quality results.

We automate several maintenance activities to reduce errors and free your DBAs to focus on core tasks. This includes compliance and security checks, backups, monitoring etc.

We also test your database continuously to check the readiness of your database to meet future needs.

Database Lifecycle Management

Database Support Services

We ensure that your database continues to work with the same functionality and performance. Our portfolio includes full-length support to your database such as assessment, installation, administration, monitoring, patching, backup etc.

Our expertise in the domain and our large team of experienced database professionals allow us to offer a seamless support and ensure your have the assistance available as and when you need it–in both onshore and offshore support models.

Our DBA team works closely with your DBAs and network teams to understand your database needs precisely and help plan running and maintenance plan with the desired efficiency and scalability. The team stays on top of the latest trends in the database space and thus can provide innovative solutions to run your database optimally.

Database Support Services

Database Projects

Our deep experience in database migration and upgrade projects enables us to provide you with comprehensive database support tailored to your specific business needs. We follow industry best practices and all compliance guidelines so that you get an enhance database performance at a minimal cost with low risk exposure.

We ensure the availability of your database to help you carry out your core operations without worrying about database interruptions during unexpected downtimes. To minimize the possibility of data in any such event, we can help you set up disaster recovery databases.

Database Projects

Database Health Assessment

We proactively run health check-ups on your database to detect serious concerns at an early stage. We run a complete assessment of the health of your database environments and ascertain its availability, capacity, performance and stability.

Whether it is a short-term assessment or a long-term project, our experts provide you with a detailed analysis of your database environment and recommend the most appropriate corrective measures to run your database efficiently with predictive performance.

Our assessment includes:

  • Configuration of server and setting up a backup strategy
  • Checking recent incidents and server logs
  • Identifying performance issues
  • Running security updates
  • Setting up a remediation plan

Database Healt Assessment

Database Consulting

Using our database consulting services, you can unlock the true power of your information assets and utilize your database platform.

With our experience in providing the most cost-effective and right-sized infrastructures, we guide you at every stage of database lifecycle.

If you are looking for an efficient and scalable database for your business, need to upgrade or migrate your database for higher capacity and performance or want a complete evaluation of your existing environment–we can help. Our certified DBAs can enable you to implement and manage your databases with a round-the-clock assistance.

Database Consulting

Database Performance Tuning

In a complex IT environment, databases often start to become sluggish and unresponsive overtime, leading to a lower performance. Since information is a critical need in smooth functioning of a business, reactive tuning of your database may not be the best approach

That is why our database experts work closely with your DBAs and proactively tune your database to ensure it runs at its full potential. We analyze it and recommend the right tuning changes.

Using our thorough understanding of database technology and infrastructure, we help you make the most out of your database investments without the need to spend in new infrastructure or applications

Database Performance Tuning